Extra activities

Extra activities available to dogs staying at Charney Pet Care Centre include:

Fun agility sessions

We will take your dog to our grass exercise paddock for a fun agility session with one of our centre staff. We have specially adapted agility equipment for beginner dogs including a reduced height A frame, dog walk, tunnels, a tyre, weave poles and jumps.

Field Walks

In addition to the exercise provision that all dogs receive during their stay at Charney you may also book extra long field walks in our 6 acres of fenced grass paddocks, over looking the glorious white horse countryside.

We can also offer bathing and or grooming with our City & Guilds qualified dog groomers [Pricing on request]. See ourĀ Professional Dog Grooming page

Extra activities dog agility, obedience training, canine hydrotherapy and field walks
Dog agility, canine hydrotherapy and field walks