New Cat Registration Form

Please complete the relevant form to register your cat’s details with us prior to your visit. This will save time for you when you are dropping your cat(s) off at the centre. We are very happy to discuss your cat’s requirements with you in person. There will be opportunity to do this either when you view Charney Pet Care Centre or when you arrive to drop off or collect your cat. If you would like to speak to us over the phone please see our contact page: Contact us

Boarding Terms & Conditions- I accept that my animal is in good health and to my knowledge is free from infectious disease. I agree to pay the boarding charges in full at time of collection. I consent to veterinary treatment being provided where deemed necessary and agree to pay for such treatment if not covered otherwise by pet insurance. I understand that by boarding my pet without showing proof of valid vaccinations, I do so entirely at my own risk. There are no reductions for early collections. All reasonable care will be taken with boarders; your pet is none the less boarded entirely at your own risk.