Charney Rescue and Rehoming Centre

At Charney we specialise in the rescue and rehoming of dogs from Romania and support the UK Japanese Spitz Clubs by providing a rescue service for this breed.

The amount of stray or unwanted dogs in Romania is a situation out of control. The authorities run public shelters to house the stray dogs that are caught off the streets and they are given only 14 days before they are put to sleep if they are not sponsored or adopted.

The conditions in the shelters are harsh, the dogs have no comfort, little food and due to overcrowding they are often bullied, injured or even killed by other dogs all fighting to survive.

In recent years we have had the pleasure of caring for many Romanian rescue dogs that have been adopted by people in the UK. We have been amazed by how loving and trusting these dogs are despite all their previous hardship.

Charney has always been involved in UK rescue and we decided we would also like to help these dogs. We feel that we can offer them a “stop gap”, a safe and loving environment for them to rebuild their strength, health and confidence and find new forever homes here in the UK.

So we raised funds adopted and transported dogs from Lacram and Breasta shelters. We currently have 14 dogs in rescue. They are all truly amazing and have adapted so well to their new home. There are a small number of the dogs that were so traumatised by their experiences that they need a little more time before they will be ready for rehoming. For the dogs that are ready to start their new lives we are looking for first class homes.

All prospective homes are subject to a home check. We are looking for experienced dog owners who have the time and patience to teach these dogs how to live in our world. The dogs do not know about living in a home, many of them have spent their lives on the streets scavenging for food. Our rescues are not suitable to be homed with young children, cats or small animals.

Rehoming any rescue dog requires dedication and perseverance but will give outstanding rewards.

If you would like to offer one of our rescues a forever home please call Carly on: 01367 241063 or email

Our adoption fee is £250

This amount is set in order to cover the cost of importing a dog from Romania, this includes vaccinations, pet passports, neutering and transport.

Our intention is to use funds from adoption to bring other dogs from Romanian shelters to safety.

Please take a look at the photo’s and descriptions below of our wonderful dogs available for adoption

This is Juno a young approx 2 year old Shepherd cross. Juno is a friendly, active boy who would suit an active home. Juno mixes well with other dogs but he is happier with females.
This is Major we believe he is 8-10 years old. Major has had a tough life on the streets of Romania and in the shelter. He has the most loving nature and likes nothing more than his comfy bed and a bone! Major is a bit stiff now and has responded well to a joint supplement that we feel he should stay on long term. Major needs a quiet home where he can go for short walks and get plenty of rest. Major mixes well with female dogs but does not like other male dogs.

Japanese Spitz Rescue

Stephanie Bliss has been involved with the Japanese Spitz breed for many years and supports both the Japanese Spitz Club UK and the Northern Japanese Spitz Club with the rescue and re homing of Japanese Spitz.

Charney is part of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders scheme and both Stephanie and Carly are committed to the long term welfare of the Japanese Spitz they have bred and any other Japanese Spitz in the unfortunate position of needing a new home.


The following procedures are followed (according to guidelines set by the Association of British Dogs & Cat homes).


We assess the characteristics of the dog in order to match it with the most suitable type of home.We obtain information and references from prospective adopters to ensure their circumstances and facilities fit the requirements of the dog.All rescue Japanese Spitz are fully vaccinated, wormed and micro chipped before adoption. They are also taken for a veterinary health check when they arrive at Charney 



When-ever possible the rescue dog will be neutered, however this is only possible if funds allow. Advice on the benefits and reasons for neutering will be explained. Any Japanese Spitz that is re homed through Charney Rescue is not permitted to be bred from, the intention is to find the dog a pet home only. Kennel Club registration documents will be marked as ‘not for the purposes of breeding’. Charney Rescue may decide to retain KC documents for dogs re homed. 


We provide on-going advice to the new owner on any relevant details about the new pet and it’s future care.We will accept the dog back into care if the re-homing is unsuccessful. We aspire to a non-destruct policy of healthy animals.